TETRA Recruitment

Connecting teachers and schools around the world.


In just a few short years, TETRA has become one of the most successful teacher recruitment companies in the world. TETRA helps native English speakers to travel, teach, and experience an adventure of a lifetime.

As the global brand guardian, we inform every aspect of the TETRA brand.

What We Did to Tell the Story

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Email Marketing

Brand Identity

We set out to create a visual identity for TETRA that would share their energy and excitement about teaching and traveling. We started by creating a logo, using icons that would be easily relatable to teaching and travelling.

We created a logo and brand identity guide that outlined when, where, and how the logo should be used as well as other elements from TETRA’s brand.

Logo Design and Identity Guide

Brand Guide
TETRA Identity / Branding

Web Design

The TETRA website had to share the brand story and allow teachers to submit their resume online. We wrote website copy, curated images, and created a custom, easy-to-use solution to accept resumes.

On their launch day, Tetra successfully received resumes from teachers and connected those teachers to great schools in China where they could teach English and start their adventure!

Within hours of their launch, TETRA was delivering on their mission. They had qualified ESL teachers applying for carefully curated opportunities to teach at the best schools in China.

TETRA Recruitment Web design

Marketing and Social Media

A series of posters and images were created for distribution in different education institutions and different images were created for social media accounts and campaigns to reach different target groups and countries.


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