Communicating the results of a program taking bold, collaborative action.


Street Level Woman At Risk (SLWAR) is changing the way communities and systems support women who are experiencing homelessness and involved in survival sex work.

What began as an initial data translation project flourished over time into multiple design projects and a trusted, long-standing partnership. SLWAR’s work is game-changing; it’s garnered attention from government agencies, non-profits, and charities around the globe. While we can’t take any credit for their extraordinary work in the community, we aren’t too humble to take a little credit for the beauty of their brand.

What We Did to Tell the Story

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Web Design

  • Web Maintenance

SLWAR’s Distinctive Brand

SLWAR is a unique program; their brand had to be equally unique. It had to be bold, inspiring, and remarkable – just like SLWAR.

Logo Design


Through a participatory, visual story-telling process, the PixelPlot team collaborated with SLWAR participants to capture photos that represented their past, communicated their present, and depicted their dreams for their future. The photos were treated with a customized, visual overlay that would retain the visual story, while protecting participants’ identities. The result was the emergence of SLWAR’s principles-based brand.

Complex Data Translated Into Easy-To-Understand Visuals

Publication Layout and Design

SLWAR embarked on a three-year evaluation. On an annual basis, the PixelPlot team designed infographics to clearly communicate the key findings in a way that a wide audience could easily digest and understand. At the end of three-year evaluation, a custom designed infographic report articulated the comprehensive results.

To further share the results of the SLWAR evaluation, PixelPlot worked with SLWAR to create posters and presentation materials that exhibited the participant-directed photography and artwork.

Print and Collateral

A series of posters, documents, forms, flyers and more were designed to transmit SLWAR’s brand identity.

Web Design That Stands Out

SLWAR had spent three-years building an evidence-based, transformational program. They were ready to share their work so other organizations and communities could experience the same results. To do this, SLWAR needed a virtual platform to showcase their model and encourage other communities to take action.

Website copy was carefully crafted to preserve SLWAR’s brand and communicate their vision, model, and results. Visual imagery gave significance and meaning to the copy. Key messages were communicated in text and visual formats to appeal to a diverse audience.


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