Launching a leader in solar energy.


Sersolar is on a mission to change how the world is powered.

Their emergent technology made them a new contender in an old guard world. They didn’t want to just fit in, they wanted to revolutionize a decades-old industry.

We partnered with Sersolar to design their brand from the ground up.

What We Did to Tell the Story

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Web Maintenance

  • Photography

  • Direct Mail Marketing

Our Approach

To realize their vision of a solar-powered world, Sersolar needed a brand that conveyed the company’s legitimacy from a technology standpoint, while articulating the values and ideology that the company was founded on.

Along with a clean, modern logo, a brand identity system was developed that captured the sun as a core component of Sersolar’s technology.

Logo Design and Identity Guide

Sersolar logo brand guide

Web Design

To connect with both English and Spanish speaking audiences, a dual language website was built that communicated Sersolar’s core message of “Put the sun to work for you.”

Business and Legal Documentation

As a Canadian-Colombian company, Sersolar required specific paperwork to manage the import and export part of their business. Documentation was designed to meet the Colombian customs regulations and maintain the Sersolar brand.


Sersolar launched a print media campaign as part of their overall marketing approach. Postcards, brochures, and direct mail pieces were designed to maximize the results of the campaign.


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