London Cares

Rebranding a crucial community agency.


London Cares was entering an exciting new phase of their journey – becoming an independent non-profit organization. Since that time, London Cares has become a trusted community leader.

PixelPlot’s goal was simple and ambitious. Create a visible, transformation in name and look, while communicating a steadfast commitment to vision and mission.

The new London Cares brand had to make a direct connection with the hearts and minds of funders, partners, community members, and most importantly, the individuals they serve.

What We Did to Tell the Story

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting

  • Photography

  • Web Design

  • Web Maintenance

  • Social Media

The Meaning Behind the Brand

“New Name. New Look. Same Impact.” emerged as the driving force behind the rebranding process. With that in mind, the new London Cares logo had to tell a powerful story.

To better understand the London Cares’ story and how to convey it through their brand identity, we got to know London Cares – who they were, what motivated them, and why they do this work.

This understanding inspired the London Cares logo. The shape of the house is a path that represents the journey from the experience of homelessness to finding a home. The continuous line creates the shape of a person inside the house, to convey the message that individuals are at the core of London Cares’ work. The orange colour aligns with the energy and passion the London Cares team has for its work and their belief that homelessness can be solved.

Logo Design

Identity and Marketing with Purpose

Everything created for London Cares was meticulously designed to ensure that it perfectly told their story. Letterhead, envelopes, postcards, and retractable banners created a consistent brand experience.

T-shirts were also designed for staff. The t-shirts were critical to the operations of London Cares. They were the primary way in which individuals experiencing homelessness would be able to identify staff if they needed support from the London Cares team.

Postcard Design

Business Card Design

Three different designs were created. Each transmitted and maintained their visual identity.

Retractable Banners

London Cares’ Impact and Vision for the Future

London Cares had been “rolling up their sleeves” and quietly working in the community since 2008. With the launch of their new brand, London Cares was ready to boldly share their plan for the future.

The London Cares Case for Support did just that. It’s where they re-introduced themselves to the community, shared their experiences and the work they do to solve homelessness, and articulated what’s next as they work towards their vision and mission.

The layout of the case for support was intentional – beautiful design, powerful imagery, and easy to understand.

When Strategy Meets Design Magic Happens

London Cares had embarked on a bold new plan forward. With the importance for communicate their plans to the community, PixelPlot designed London Cares Strategic Plan “Journey To Home”.  Bold, meaningful photography, strong use of typography and an effective layout was used by PixelPlot to deliver the designed document.

Designed Strategic Plan for London Cares

Creating a Virtual Connection Through Web Design

After London Cares’ rebrand, it was time to align the website and the new brand. PixelPlot was tasked with creating a new site that clearly communicated their message, demonstrated their impact, and provided a connection point with the community. Custom photography taken by PixelPlot was used throughout the website to showcase the real and raw work of London Cares’- real people, real connections, and real outcomes.

Visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly, London Cares’ new site balances aesthetics with functionality and provides an unparalleled user experience. Since the launch of the new site, new donors have reached out, new funders have connected, and new partners have knocked on their ‘virtual’ door. We can’t tell you about all of their new connections, but let’s just say, they are working on big things for the London community!

London Cares website design. Desktop and mobile view


The images used by London Cares had to capture the essence of their work – stock images wouldn’t cut it. We had the opportunity to tag along with the London Cares team, capturing them in action, as they did what they do best – building a bridge from street to home.


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