Food Families

Bringing families together through food.


Food Families had achieved successful outcomes in a number of neighbourhoods in London, and the Child and Youth Network (CYN) was ready to scale the impact of the program.

An interdisciplinary team at PixelPlot took on the mission of creating a comprehensive online communication and training platform that CYN could use to launch Food Families in neighbourhoods across the city.

What We Did to Tell the Story

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting

  • Web Design

  • Photography

  • Video

Beyond the Brand – Sharing the Food Families Story

The first step in sharing the Food Families story was the creation of the Food Families brand identity. A logo was created, along with a series of brand collateral that could be used in print and social media.

Communicating the Impact of Food Families

To share the results of Food Families and demonstrate the positive impact of the program on families in London we designed an evaluation report.

Customized infographics and photography explained the findings from the evaluation in a way that would appeal to a wide variety of audiences.


A video was developed to promote the opportunity to get involved as a Food Families member. A video was also produced to demonstrate the results of Food Families.

A Website Where Design Meets Function

Food Families needed a website where community agencies could learn more about the program, the benefits, and how to get involved. With the user experience in mind, the website was crafted carefully to function flawlessly across multiple platforms.

A Powerful Online Platform

To facilitate Food Families in neighbourhoods across the city, member agencies required online access to training and program materials. An online platform was created that gave the Food Families team the ability to create and manage user accounts for member agencies. Once logged in, member agencies were able to access everything they needed to provide the Food Families program in their neighbourhood – step-by-step training modules, videos, facilitator guides, and participant resources.

Training Videos

A series of 15 training videos were produced. For each topic, a local expert assisted with curriculum development and provided the training. Moving the training to an online platform ensured it could be accessed by Food Family member agencies easily and at their convenience. All videos were captioned and AODA compliant.



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